Jetson is a Success at Monterey Car Week




People from all around the world come to Monterey Car Week in August in which several spectacular car-related events are held in and around Monterey, California. Events like "Exotics On Broadway" show more amazing sport cars than most people see in a life time.

Jetson had the privilege to participate at three fantastic events, where we got to showcase Jetson ONE to an excited audience. Sport car fans got to see and explore the Jetson ONE for the first time, and it was love at first sight!

We had our first showcase at the Blade Runner inspired Oakley headquarters at Foothill Ranch. Jetson got an honoring position just outside the main entrance. Both Jetson and Astro was capturing much attention among the supercars.

In the afternoon we moved to the really cool Ancillary Studios by South Coast Plaza, the largest shopping center on the West Coast of the United States. We got a chance to show Jetson ONE to hundreds of people. We learned a lot from curios people who saw Jetson for the first time. So much fun!

The final event was the classic Concorso Italiano which is the world’s largest luxury and exotic Italian Car show. Jetson ONE is manufactured in Italy, so the Concorso team graciously invited us to join. If you love Ferrari and Italian cars, this is heaven!

I special thank you to Trevin and Ema Hermosillo from SWAE, and Tim Cadiente from Ancillary Studios! We could not have managed these events and epic photo/video shoot without you - thank you!

As you can see Tim is a big fan of Jetson, and we hope to see him flying soon!

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Public unveiling of the Jetson ONE, at Volandia Museum, where the past meets the future of aviation.
Jetson was invited to the prestigious Future Investment Institute event in Riyadh.
Jetson Team in Rome Certification.jpeg
Jetson obtained two critical flight permits by the Italian aerospace authorities.
Jetson First USA Flight Hero 2.jpg
Tomasz Patan made the first Jetson ONE flight in the USA on October 5th 2023 in Texas.
PR Jetson $15M Seed Investment with will i am.jpg
Jetson Inc. closes $15M investment from tech entrepreneur and global angel Investors.
Jetson in MSFS 2024.png
You will be able to fly the Jetson ONE in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024!
Jetson at Oakley Here.jpg
Jetson met sport car fans from all around the world at Monterey Car Week. It was love at first sight!
The first joint project "Jetson Astro" robot dog, was showcased today at exclusive "PREBBLE" car-show at Ancillary Studios in Los Angeles.

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