Jetson One

  • The first affordable EVTOL on the market.

  • No pilot’s license required in the United States.

jetson one

Say Hello to the Jetson ONE

The Jetson is a formula one racing car for the sky. A beautiful and lightweight design in aluminum and carbon fiber, that is incredibly fun to fly.

It has eight powerful motors, driving an equal amount of propellers. The propulsion system has a massive power output, making flight effortless and fun.

jetson one
jetson one

Our unique flight computer makes flying extremely easy. With full control over altitude and direction in one hand. An intuitive system that makes everyone a pilot in less than five minutes.

The Jetson ONE has a race-car inspired safety cell that protects the pilot, can sustain continuous flight with the loss of one motor, has an auto land function, and multiple safety features to protect the pilot in case of an emergency.

Safety is our priority


Race car-inspired Spaceframe safety cell design


Can fly safely with the loss of one motor


Hands free hover and emergency functions


Redundant Battery Propulsion System


Ballistic parachute with rapid deployment time


Radar sensor driven auto landing system

Tech Specs

Jetson ONE Mass115kg / 253lbs
Empty Mass55kg / 121lbs
Dimensions2480 mm x 1500 mm x 1030 mm
Width when folded900 mm
Flight time20 min (Approx)
Top level flight speedSoftware limited to 102km/h (63mph)
Maximum pilot weight95KG / 210LBS
Service ceilingAbove 1500 feet agl
Flight controls4 Axis joystick
Battery typeHigh discharge lithium-ION
Max total power output120 kW
Chassis typeAll-aluminium space airframe
Motor typeHigh Performance Electric Brushless
jetson one
jetson one
jetson onejetson one

Order a Jetson ONE

We are now taking orders for 2026

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