Jetson is the first to get flight permits for ultralight eVTOL in Italy.




Exciting news from Rome! Today, Jetson announced that the company has obtained two critical flight permits by the Italian aerospace authorities.

First, Jetson obtained flight permit as the first eVTOL in the ultralight category, allowing pilots to fly the Jetson ONE in Italy’s uncontrolled airspace, the world’s first!

Aero Club d'Italia (AeCI) has issued the first flight permit registration for a recreational ultralight eVTOL. This allows licensed pilots to fly the Jetson ONE pre-production aircrafts. The I-X078 registration was received on October 5th 2023. Jetson is now part of aviation history, not only in Italy, but globally as the first flight in the US was performed on the same day.

Second, Jetson was also granted an operational authorization by Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) to fly unmanned Jetson ONE remotely which will accelerate the testing and product validation.

“The operational authorization by ENAC for UAS allows us to gradually expand the flight envelope of the Jetson ONE, all without exposing a test-pilot to potential risk when we explore the limits of the vehicle. As a company, safety is our number 1 priority, and this authorization is a great enabler.”, said Stephan D'haene, Jetson CEO. “Our airworthiness and compliance team has worked rigorously with the Italian authorities to obtain these new milestones. We expressly wish to thank the forward-looking team at ENAC for supporting our safety initiatives.”, D'haene continued.

To celebrate these milestones, Jetson has presented not one but three Jetson ONE units at the ZeroEmission Mediterranean event in Rome, the show covering renewable energies, e-mobility and advanced air mobility. Jetson for the first time was unveiling its latest developments all while receiving the official permits from the Italian authorities.

After moving the operations from Poland to Italy last year Jetson is operating at a beautiful R&D and production facility in Arezzo, Tuscany. The Jetson HQ’s private airfield south of Florence combines an industrial facility and an 800-meter airstrip perfect for daily flight testing. The airport is also the home to a customer experience center, and pilot school.

The demand for the Jetson ONE has been phenomenal, supporting the company's dream to ‘make everyone a pilot’. The company has already sold over 300 units at a total price of $98,000, with a down payment of $8,000 to reserve your serial number. Jetson is probably the most popular eVTOL on the Internet today, with more than 49,000,000 views on its YouTube channel and many more millions across the web.

We like to thank you all for your support! Let’s make the skies available to everyone.

Please check out the Jetson YouTube Channel to watch the first flight in the USA, here!

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Rock out to the awesome video we captured of our Jetson test pilots performing a dual manned flight formation on the Jetson airfield.
2024_Freccia_Tricolori .jpg
Green, white, and red. Jetson's trip to the greatest airshow in Europe, Frecce Tricolori 2024. Where acrobatics meet aviation.
Jetson hosts 130+ guests from all over the world to learn about and enjoy life at Jetson.
Jetson heads to the Malignani Technical Institute, where the next generation of pilots meets the next generation aircraft.
Public unveiling of the Jetson ONE, at Volandia Museum, where the past meets the future of aviation.
Jetson was invited to the prestigious Future Investment Institute event in Riyadh.
Jetson Team in Rome Certification.jpeg
Jetson obtained two critical flight permits by the Italian aerospace authorities.
Jetson First USA Flight Hero 2.jpg
Tomasz Patan made the first Jetson ONE flight in the USA on October 5th 2023 in Texas.

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