Jetson First Flight in the USA at UP.Summit 2023




Jetson was invited to join UP.Summit, an annual, invitation-only gathering of the world’s most innovative minds rethinking the future of transportation. 

In the photo: Matt Byrd one of the hosts (and future Jetson Pilot), opening talk at UP.Summit 2023

It was really great to have the opportunity to meet everyone at UP.Summit and to have them see Jetson ONE in real life. Everyone really loved the Jetson ONE!

It was a beautiful evening October 5th at the Perot family's Circle T Ranch in Westlake TX on when Tomasz Patan made the first Jetson ONE flight in the USA. Epic flight! Please check out the Jetson YouTube Channel watch the first flight in HD, here!

"Knowing this will be our first ever flight in the US I could not sleep the night before. The Team was very excited to learn we are going to make this historic flight using our original concept vehicle. It felt incredible to climb inside the cockpit and perform a demo flight of our nimble "flying formula 1 car" in front of guests, investors and entrepreneurs at the UP.Summit. This important milestone shows that we are determined to be present in the USA and build great relationships there.", said Tomasz Patan.

Tomasz and the Jetson team were all very pleased with the first official Jetson ONE flight in the USA. A special thank you to Timothy and the UP.Summit film crew.

In the photo from left to right: Timothy Wheeler, Tomasz Patan, Rikard Steiber, Luca Spada, Anna Kwasniewska, and Nicolo Broggini.

Some of the most impactful investors, entrepreneurs, and leaders in policy, defense, transportation and mobility companies gather at the UP Summit each year with the goal of moving people and goods in cleaner, faster, safer, and at lower-cost ways - on the ground, in the air, on the sea, and in space. UP.Summit is jointly organized by UP.Partners, Tom and Steuart Walton, and Ross Perot Jr.

In the photo: Ross Perot Jr. and Texas Governor Greg Abbott (right) at UP.Summit 2023. [Photo: Office of the Governor]

The Jetson team got to meet some incredible people like the future astronauts on the #PolarisDawn mission riding SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to a record breaking highest Earth orbit ever flown, led by Jared Isaacman. This incredible crew will attempt the first-ever commercial spacewalk as well! 

Jetson team feels honored to meet you Scott "Kidd" Poteet, Sarah Gillis, and Anna Menon! 

The first flight in the USA was an important milestone for Jetson, and we like to thank you all for your support! Let’s make the skies available to everyone. We are just getting started!

Please check out the Jetson YouTube Channel to watch the first flight in HD, here!

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Rock out to the awesome video we captured of our Jetson test pilots performing a dual manned flight formation on the Jetson airfield.
2024_Freccia_Tricolori .jpg
Green, white, and red. Jetson's trip to the greatest airshow in Europe, Frecce Tricolori 2024. Where acrobatics meet aviation.
Jetson hosts 130+ guests from all over the world to learn about and enjoy life at Jetson.
Jetson heads to the Malignani Technical Institute, where the next generation of pilots meets the next generation aircraft.
Public unveiling of the Jetson ONE, at Volandia Museum, where the past meets the future of aviation.
Jetson was invited to the prestigious Future Investment Institute event in Riyadh.
Jetson Team in Rome Certification.jpeg
Jetson obtained two critical flight permits by the Italian aerospace authorities.
Jetson First USA Flight Hero 2.jpg
Tomasz Patan made the first Jetson ONE flight in the USA on October 5th 2023 in Texas.

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