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What are we looking for?

Who we are Jetson is a rapidly growing eVTOL company in the aeronautical industry. We are located in Italy and in the US, with a mission to redefine no-emissions electric flight transportation. Our mission is to bring the world into the future by democratizing the skies allowing everyone to be a pilot. We envision a future filled with flying cars.

We are recruiting globally to find the right candidates to join our international team.

Our research and development center is located in Arezzo, Tuscany with a team of experts in the world of aeronautics.

Jetson is currently looking for multiple Flight Technicians to join our Flight Operations team.

General needs of the company

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform routine inspections of aircraft systems, including motors, electrical systems, and avionics.

  • Perform scheduled maintenance activities, such as engine overhauls, component replacements, and system upgrades.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory agency regulations and manufacturer's guidelines when performing maintenance tasks.

  • Maintain detailed maintenance records and documentation to track the maintenance history of each aircraft

  • Conduct test flights and post-maintenance checks to verify aircraft airworthiness and performance.

Why join Jetson

  • Access to opportunities in the realm of electric aviation

  • Collaborate with an international team in a cutting-edge work setting

  • An opportunity to be part of the next big thing in the history of aviation

  • Work within at a unique location

We believe in diversity and value unique experiences. Our organization is dedicated to fostering a workplace environment that values diversity and inclusion. We actively seek to attract, recruit, and nurture talent from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, each contributing unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences. Our goal is to cultivate a productive and inclusive atmosphere that represents various cultures and groups, where everyone is given an equal opportunity to thrive.

This announcement is addressed to all genders, in accordance with Italian Laws 903/77 and 125/91, and to people of all ages and nationalities, in accordance with Legislative Decrees 215/03 and 216/03.

Reach out to with your name and the position you"re applying for in the subject line

Example: "John Doe, Software Engineer"

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